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Colette Mazerolle Reimnitz
179 rue Ste Therese,
E1A 1S9
Phone: (506) 382-5720

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Please find below stories to match sculptures:

See if you can match the story with the sculpture?

A Part of Me:

The living word of God is a big part of the Christian's life.

Against the Wind:

Sometimes we walk through storms of life.
But remember, God said
“ I will never leave you or forsake you”  Hebrew 13:5

Being Fed:

Like a baby bird, we are fed by the King of kings the Lord of lords.
“ Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things”  Psalm 103:5

Come Follow Me:

“ Jesus is drawing us to Himself”  Mathew 19:21

In Flight:

Overlooking our imperfection, God works through us.
(This bird has a broken wing, yet he flies)

It's Time:

An adult bird in his shell portrays faith without action.
It's time: put faith in action.  

In The Father's Arms:

Like a little child in his father's arms so are we in our heavenly Father's arms.